About the Toolkit

The Toolkit is a 'one stop shop' website that introduces Lifetime Arts’ innovative model for serving older adults through instructional arts programs. For organizations that serve older adults and those who plan to expand their services to this fast growing population, the Toolkit provides practical advice for planning and implementing new programs, as well as the latest Creative Aging research and nationally recognized best practices. Designed specifically for public libraries, the Toolkit can be adapted for use in any community setting. Get the basic Creative Aging Guidebook for free and, for a small fee, download add-on packs.

Creative Aging Guidebook

A free, downloadable guidebook to get you started on developing creative aging programs for your community. Learn, plan, implement, and sustain instructional arts programs for older adults.

Tools & Templates

A package chock full of resources that will help you: survey your patrons; assess your facilities; hire a teaching artist; develop a budget; market and recruit; evaluate your programs.

Case Studies

Explore several dynamic and successful Creative Aging projects from soup to nuts. See how your colleagues have responded to the needs and interests of their older adult populations.

Proven Curricula

Get great lesson plans developed by master teaching artists in every arts discipline. They have been tested and proven to be effective, fun, and engaging for older adult learners.

For a limited time only, check out the current version of Lifetime Arts' Creative Aging Toolkit and leave your contact information below to get important updates about the new Toolkit.

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The Affiliate Network, a subscription based service, builds the capacity of libraries to develop, deliver and sustain quality arts learning programs for older adults. It offers access to Lifetime Arts’ proven training program; proprietary curricula and support materials; customized technical assistance as well as a range of strategic planning services. The Affiliate Network supports professional, collegial exchange around creative aging and promotes institutional improvement in older adult services. Learn more.

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